The more, the merrier, as they say, and the world of 3DX is no exception! Here at NGP we are glad to expand our lewd family with more and more talented, creative and innovative artists from all corners of the world. We would love to give a warm and enthusiastic welcome to our most recent artist, the fabulous 3DX851!

Let us show you some of their amazing art and tell you why you should go check out his comic as soon as you’re done reading this!

Size matters, the futa says

3dX851’s signature style is that of gorgeous, goooorgeous women with impossibly beautiful proportions and, of course, massive dongers that can literally cover a girl in cum from head to toe. But don’t worry, because these ladies are more than happy to take those 2-feet-long schlongs (or more) inside their bodies for their pleasure – and yours!

Marvel in awe at the more than generous breasts, thread-slim waists and crushing hips of 3DX851’s characters, and follow them in their adventures in both realistic and magical worlds! For those of you who love some fantasy girl actions, you will be spoiled with these adorable elf girls having close encounters with their girlfriend’s “extending rods”, so to speak.

It does indeed, the other futa answers

You should check out Futa Friends, 3DX851’s first contribution to our catalogue. Sayuri and Liza, two cute girls packing dongs for days, just want to have some fun. They want to test the limits of their schlongs and try out each other’s skills for manhandling – or rather, womanhandling!

This image set brings you 75 HD panels with fun dialogue to add to the spicyness of the situation! Satisfy your curiosity by heading out to the store and take a look at the previews there. They speak for themselves!


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