We’ve got so many amazing artists offering their work here on NGP that it can be hard to pick a favorite…

That’s exactly why we don’t try! Why choose one slice when you can have the whole pie?

Still, we occasionally get so excited about an artist’s work that we feel it’s fitting to shine the spotlight on them for a few moments. Yup, you guessed it: it’s time for another artist focus!

Enter the (proverbially) sweltering smithery of Forged3DX! Forged is by no means a new artist: they’ve been hammering out 3D works for nearly 4 years.

From ‘Leah has a Visitor’

Like most 3D creators, Forged started out doing simple, sexy pin-ups, but, as many artists can attest to, the madness didn’t end there. Sex scenes and futa content followed shortly after, and now Forged dabbles in animation!

Now, I could make a ton of forging puns about Forged works, I’ve done it in the past, but seriously, they deserve some major credit for the arsenal of tools they use to perfect their creations.

Many artists I speak with use two, perhaps three separate pieces of hardware to make the bulk of their work. Many use only one. Forged uses a combination of Daz, Blender, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, Luminar 4, and/or Adobe premiere, respective to animations or stills. Holy crap, that’s a lot of different software! In many ways, with such a wide variety of tools used, Forged lives up to the name.


From ‘Coffee Shop’

Forged’ dedication to the 3D craft can be clearly seen in their style. It has a uniqueness to it that’s easy to place, and the fact that this artist uses so many resources definitely shows.     

Now, I’ve written about Forged’ style before, and have described it as a ‘semi-surreal, super clean style with razor sharp contrasts and realistic colors’. That’s all fine and dandy, and it still holds true, but when I asked Forged to describe their own art, they told me simply this:

“I would describe my own art as a blend of sexy and fun. I want people who enjoy my art to feel satisfaction in what I’ve created.” 

Well, let me just say, on behalf of NGP, that you’re succeeding in your goal, Forged!


Undoubtedly, Forged’ work is both ‘sexy and fun’, but one of the things I appreciate most about it is how balanced it is. Forged rides the line between female and futa content fairly consistently, giving both parties (and those who enjoy them equally!) plenty of eye candy.

From ‘Lara and the Jade Skull’

Forged also balances their character presentation between familiar game characters and their own OCs, sometimes even in the same set. I was told directly by the artist that they are slowly working towards more content featuring game characters like Jill Valentine and Lara Croft, mostly to fulfill long running fantasies of their supporters.

Forged has made some amazing breakthroughs with their content, especially with releases like the ‘Coffee Shop’ interactive story, which takes their incredible Coffee Shop set and plays it out like a VN.

Future Projects

Forged3DX isn’t looking to let the coals die out any time soon. According to their website, they plan to delve even deeper into animation, and Forged has even expressed an interest in doing another game!

They have an active Patreon community, as well as a passionate fanbase. They offer a lot for a little, and they are very dedicated to making quality 3D content. I can say with 100% certainty that you won’t regret supporting them. Strike while the iron is hot!


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