The only thing hotter than girls kissing girls is girls kissing girls all over their bodies.

If you agree with the above statement, then Redrobot3D’s ‘Secretary Seduction’ series should grease your engine very nicely!

Now, I could simply say that this currently 2 part series is just another lesbian romp, but that wouldn’t be quite accurate. Redrobot turns the tables dramatically in the second part, turning the seduction level from ‘wow’ to ‘holy god!’ in a matter of a few frames. The pacing is excellent in both parts, and Redrobot’s girl’s don’t waste any time getting their coochies a little smoochies.

Secretary Seduction pt 1

Amy is a somewhat homely redhead who hasn’t been able to get a good date (or lay) in awhile. At work, she’s trying to recruit a new secretary, but she’s bored out of her mind, and all of the applicants seem recycled and dreary.

That is, of course, until a mysterious brunette enters her office and very forwardly tells her that she’s less interested in the position and far more interested in Amy.

Amy is shocked at first, especially when the interviewee, Star, flashes her pussy and exits with only an invitation. Amy can’t keep her hands off of herself and masturbates in her own office, but it’s just not enough…

Consumed by curiosity, Amy meets Star that evening, but she has no idea what’s in store for her. The enigmatic brunette gets right to work, showing Amy her ‘resume’ and the redhead is swept up into the hottest night of her life!

71 high definition pages of pussy licking, scissor tribbing, lesbian action! The sexy dialogue adds even more flair to the detailed renders, and you’ll want to reread it as soon as you finish it!

Secretary seduction pt 2

This is a direct continuation of the first part! Amy and her new ‘secretary’ are ready for round 2, but Star is nowhere near finished with displaying her ‘qualifications’.

After donning a super realistic, insertable dildo, Star fucks her new boss. Amy gets so excited that her tits actually start to grow and fill with milk! Star proves that Amy isn’t the only one who can grow, and the two attack each other once more, worshipping each other’s tits while continuing to lick and fuck each other.

91 HD images of oh-so-much more than just lesbian smut. Complete with that good dialogue I mentioned earlier, part 2 features expansion, lactation, and all the juicy pussy eating from part 1! Seriously, if you love really freaking huge nipples (guilty!) then you will LOVE the action in this set! 


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