Cafe: Thanks so much for agreeing to do an interview with us, Mistress Janine!

  • Mistress Janine: Yes, but let’s make this quick, my diary is pretty full.

Cafe: Understood! We’re so excited to speak with you and get a little glimpse into your world. We’ve got several questions lined up, and we don’t want to waste any of your precious time, so we’ll get right into it! To start off, tell us a little about your background and how you came to be where you are now.

  • Mistress Janine: What if I told you that I have a medical degree on top of being a Mistress? Fun right? You might wonder how the two coincide, but I must say, having a knowledge of human chemistry grants wonderful insights during BDSM sessions.

Cafe: I’m sure it does! We never doubted for a second that you were as intelligent as you were beautiful. When did you first acquire the title of, ‘Mistress’ and how did you awaken that side of yourself?

  • Mistress Janine: Well, I believe I experienced a sort of switch at a certain point in my life. I was quite a shy girl when I encountered Mistress Alexis. I happened upon her acquaintance at one of her parties; she was the main funder of our medical group at the time. I knew the purpose of such a party; you know, it was one of those ‘lustful’ parties, but I wasn’t scared.

    I was curious, to be honest. She probably saw something in me, something hidden, and she took me under her wing. Now I’m the Mistress of her Sex Villa. Sometimes I wonder: what if I hadn’t been to that party? My two cents for everyone: jump in, always!
All these wild sex training parties are actually well documented for you to enjoy!

Cafe: That’s some wonderfully bold advice! What do you require of your pets, and how attached do they become to you?

  • Mistress Janine: First and foremost, I require commitment. They must focus on their goal. A slave isn’t born. Slaves are free when they enter the Sex Villa…except when they come here to serve their sentences. I teach them the pleasure of being submissive and the rewards that go along with it. I suppose a single mind blowing orgasm is enough to get a slave attached to me. Wanna try…?

Cafe: I’m not sure we could handle you; thanks for the offer, though! I’m extremely curious: What do you mean by ‘sentences’?

  • Mistress Janine: Ah, you would be new to that, wouldn’t you? I think you understand that Mistress Alexis is quite wealthy. Well, after a “large” donation to the female state penitentiary, an alternative sentence has been introduced.

    Let me first say that it’s up to the prisoner to choose, but I’m proud to say that the alternative is quite popular. I’m sure you’re curious about that, as well, so I’ll tell you: in short, their bodies become the property of Mistress Alexis.

    They serve their sentence in luxury, and lust, of course. Sounds great, right? But for the more serious sentences, things can get hard; the prisoners are sent to Dr. Valery’s research lab. At this point I’ll let you imagine what happens there.

Want to know find out what’s going on in Dr. Valery’s research lab?

Cafe: Oh my… sounds serious! Can you tell us more about this mysterious Mistress Alexis?

  • Mistress Janine: I think you already know what you are allowed to know. Simply pray that you don’t become one of her toys. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be a great honor and pleasure, but I’m not sure you would want to erase everything you’ve worked so hard for in life.

Cafe: I’m piqued, but I won’t push any further! Speaking of toys, has anyone ever found your methods to be too strict? Was there a time when someone couldn’t handle you?

  • Mistress Janine: Ohoho! Are my methods too strict? I suppose I’ve worked at 10% capacity until now. My methods are never out of bounds; they are always balanced with what my slaves need. In this work, everything is about balance. Pleasure against pain, reward versus punishment.

    Punishment is never too strict, it always caters exactly to the individual slave.
Maid Denise is Janine’s loyal bimbo slut!

Cafe: I see, that makes complete sense and sounds like a very good philosophy for sub/dom relationships. Do you enjoy any hobbies outside of your domineering lifestyle?

  • Mistress Janine:I like to paint. A thing I picked up from my Mom. I guess I paint to continue her legacy, after all, I’m not immune to stress, and it helps me relax after a hard-working day. Those pets can be irritating sometimes.

Cafe: Yes, I’m sure it’s not always fun, especially given the different dynamics you have to work with. I complimented your looks earlier, but allow me to do so again! You are so elegant and gorgeous: What do you do to maintain your fitness?

  • Mistress Janine: Thanks. I like to keep my body in health, so I exercise often. I also do yoga. Having good mental control is important in my work. I can’t risk harming one of my slaves too much…if you know what I mean.

Cafe: Indeed! As you stated before, I can tell that you do everything you can to maintain balance. Is your taste in food and drink as sophisticated as you are, or do you take pleasure in the simple things?

  • Mistress Janine: Healthy food for a healthy body. I know: that’s a boring answer. Given that: once a week I get my fav food in the world: Pizza! I’m more pretentious when talking about drinks. I have a collection of Italian wines that can give a really nice head spin.

Cafe: I’m sure there are many who would love to drink with you!  Have you ever considered starting your own harem or escort service? If so, what would that look like?

  • Mistress Janine: Ohoho! Our business can’t be run alone! Mistress Alexis worked her entire life to build what we have, and I’m honored to work for her. I wouldn’t try to overcome the Mistress for anything in the world. Besides that, I’m in charge of arranging parties for our customers and preparing my pets for these special events. What could be better? 
Wondering where these toys will end up in?

Cafe: I see! Yes, I don’t think I would leave either; it seems like you’re very comfortable there. Last question! Do you have any advice for the aspiring dom, or suggestions on how to get started when it comes to training lovers?

  • Mistress Janine: I would say…before being a dom, learn how to be a sub. I wouldn’t be the Mistress I am now without years of submission to Queen Alexis. My first advice to those who want to take the femdom path is to find a good dom teacher. Secondly: I would say, be ready for the worst physical and mental pain of your life, but no one can really prepare for that.

Cafe: That answer was just as exciting as it was slightly scary, but I guess that’s the appeal with the relationship dynamic 🙂 Thank you so much for your time, Janine, and we look forward to seeing more of your modeling and career!


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