JMC3DX: The name’s a bit of a mouthful to say, but it’s not nearly as much to digest as the artist’s awesome renders.

Jason McCree, aka, JMC, has been creating 3D art with Daz, Blender and Zbrush for about 4 years, and he uses his extensive experience in photo and video editing to add backgrounds using software like Photoshop and After Effects.

The hybrid effect makes for some eye popping depth of field, and the deep contrasts add volumes to the already magnificent renders. That’s not the only thing that’s interesting about JMCs methods, however, there are quite a few things that set him apart from most 3D creators.

For one, JMC doesn’t focus on sets or comics, but rather, he pursues much of his work as commissions. This makes for an impressive variation in his portfolio, and though standard pinup images abound, many of them are anything but ‘regular’.

JMC often takes work involving real people, models mostly, and does his best to render their likeness into 3D. The outcome is stunning, and JMC shoots for 90% accuracy. From what I’ve seen, he accomplishes it quite well, so it’s no wonder that he’s garnered the attention of many real life models.

If you take a look at NGPs gallery, you can see that Jason is more than willing (and able!) to render fantasy and non human characters. It’s no wonder why he’s been able to carve such an interesting niche for himself: many people would jump at the chance for a custom character (or their own likeness) to depict for cam sessions, chats and RPs alike.

Now, let’s take a look at the art itself, for a moment.

As you would expect from an artist who works with real faces, JMC does an excellent job of rendering detailed expressions. Aside from the fine tuned facial features, I noticed immediately that he’s particularly good at depicting muscle definition and body toning.

Because of this, JMCs decidedly glam style actually has a fair bit of realism to it, as far as body shapes and anatomy go. Even in context, much of his fantasy work looks downright believable, and nothing is overly exaggerated or emphasized.

All in all, through his sleek, sometimes hyper defined textures, JMC is able to deliver a consistent, super high quality product. It’s surreal, yes, but not unbelievable, which seems to be the sweet spot for most modeling anyway!

As of right now, JMC doesn’t sell any individual products, but we’ve spoken with him about future projects, and he tells us that he’s quite interested in pursuing visual novels at some point. That would be very exciting to see, especially from such a talented artist, so keep your radar on him!

For now, if you want to support the artist, or if you’re interested in commissioning him, you can check out his website. I’m not certain how expensive his comms are, but from what I hear, Jason tries to keep them as competitively priced as possible.

Thanks for joining us for another NGP artist focus!


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