A brand new month starts! So many possibilities open up before you, like… which lewd image sets are you gonna treat yourself with next? If you take a look at our store, you’ll see that we have a very well sorted catalogue of only the best stories and characters from immensely talented artists. This can make it difficult to choose! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here are our top 5 releases from the past couple weeks; you can’t go wrong with any of these!

A Big Impression, by Lewd Futasy

This futa on futa story, featuring beautiful art from Lewd Futasy and over 3k words of story from The Solitary Cafe, showcases young Kimiko’s adventure at the new gym. While she’s working out, she encounters the huge ebony muscle mountain Ashley, sporting a massive cock! They get to know each other, chemistry flourishes, and acrobatic sex ensues!

Every Whim Really!, by Futanarica

Attention, futa transformation fans! We’ve got a treat for you! In this 100-page story, high-class ladies Meg and Lola will visit a body transformation spa, where some beautiful assistants will guide them through a literal life-changing process! Watch them experience all the perks of having a cock, for the first time…

Nikki’s Bimbo Training Session – The Basics, by Fab3DX

Nikki wants to be the best sex pleaser ever, but she knows that she has still so much to learn! So she asks the help of her old friend and futa dominatrix, Leonie. In the glimpse of an eye, Nikki finds herself hanging in a latex suit, teased and tortured – in the best of ways- by her wicked mistress.

Coffee Shop The Game, by Forged3DX

In this interactive 3DX game, you play as a photographer helping a hot blonde and a horny futa blow off some steam on each other. If you make the right choices, you will guide them through all sex positions imaginable and take the best shots in the process!

Waking the Dead, by Jester

Lana, a beautiful explorer, comes across a tomb that hides a – very big and very girthy – secret inside! She approaches it, curious and mesmerised, and her progressively naughtier attitude finally awakes what was dormant inside!

That’s it for now! of course we’re adding new products every week, so make sure to come back whenever you’re feeling horny! 😉


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