They say size doesn’t matter, but if you ask the timid town girl Delphy, she’ll beg to differ! Also, she’ll likely cum in the spot, because her punk girlfriend Jessy will be giving her the business with her 40 cm schlong while you’re at it. And for the Americans, no need to google it, it’s 16 inches. You’re welcome.

A girl’s adventures with an epic dong

Delphi is a very lucky girl, not only because her ‘friend’ has a dick that would put most porn actors to shame, but because her sex life is alive and well! Jessy takes every opportunity she can to share some quality time with her girlfriend, sweetly romance her, and then ram her holes like there is no tomorrow. Delphi doesn’t complain.

If you want to follow then in their intimate journey, then you should start with CrazySky’s first story, appropriately called “Delphi’s First 40 Cm Experience”, and as an expert porn connoisseur, you will need no further explanations as to where this is going. 

Jessy and Delphie’s adventures continue in two more image sets, Poolside Fun and Dressing Room Experience. Choose your scenario (or treat yourself and go for both!) and see Jessy’s big amigo spring up in joy at the sight of her beautiful, semi nude girlfriend. You must be warned that a hole or two won’t be enough to satisfy such a hungry cock!

And when the girlfriend isn’t looking…

As expected, a rebellious and upfront girl such as Jessy eventually finds herself in trouble at school. Her teacher, Mrs. Monica, finds out that Jessy wrote an essay describing a slew of sexy fantasies she had… with Mrs. Monica herself. She gets called after classes, but oh joy, Mrs. Monica was a perv all along! She reads aloud all the degenerate scenarios Jessy had imagined, and then proceeds to enact all of them with her horny student!


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