The creation of 3D, like anything finely crafted, can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many tools, raw materials and resources available that some choose to leave the forging to others.

Those others, people like Forged3DX, for instance, not only embrace the heat, but use it to pound and shape their sexy visions into existence.

We’ve got 4 sizzling sets and 1 game from Forged3DX in the NGP store! Forged delivers a semi-surreal, super clean style with razor sharp contrasts and realistic colors. This artist actually has a good variety of female and futa content, but all of these products feature futa, so the anvil isn’t the only thing that’s getting pounded ;).

All of these sets, save for one, feature Forged’ wonderful futanari OC, Leah. Leah is smoldering, shy, dark haired and athletically built. She’s rather petite, but the fat, long dick between her legs belies her size, making her a package that packs plenty of punch.

Coffee shop

Ah, who doesn’t like a good cuppa to get them going in the morning? Of course, some people, like the outrageously hot blonde, Scarlett, prefer a different kind of pick me up to get them going.

When the dark haired barista, Leah, brings Scarlett her morning joe, something under her apron begins to ‘wake up’. Scarlett doesn’t waste any time, and quickly gives the raven haired futa a reason to rise to the occasion. 

This 56 image set features two extraordinarily hot women boning in a coffee shop…I mean, what more could you ask for? I especially love the facial expressions in this, and Scarlett is as smoldering as Leah is shy.

Coffee shop The Game

For those looking for a more interactive experience, the Coffee shop set has been carefully crafted into a game! A light story and text accompany the already steamy encounter, and if you like being addressed by sexy women and asked about what you’d like to see next, you should definitely pick this one up!  

Sexy gym

Limber up with the shapely brunette, Zara, as she stretches and gets ready for a good workout. Zara has the whole place to herself, until a beautiful woman with a generous crotch bulge enters the room. It’s none other than Leah, the sporty futa!

It’s fairly impossible for Zara not to notice her new gym partner as she goes about her routine, and thus, Zara heads over to introduce a different kind of regiment.

This 45 image set features a variety of awesome, flexible sex positions, doggy, and some particularly good cock shock shots. The mirrored angles are also a nice touch, and the small beads of sweat and skin texture detail really take this one over the top.

Leah has a visitor

One of Leah’s favorite things to do is to walk around naked in the comfort of her own home. One day, she gets a little too comfortable and falls asleep on the couch.

Leah’s friend, Megan, drops by for an unexpected visit, only to find Leah napping soundly in all her nude glory.

Megan, of course, simply can’t keep her hands away from her friend’s deliciously soft curves or her drooling cock, but Leah turns the tables quickly when her slumber is interrupted.

Short and sweet, this image set is 26 renders of pure skin on skin bliss. Well, that, and one very generous, mouth brimming cumshot…

Lara’s mansion

Lara, being the seasoned adventurer she is, is always prepared for anything. When she returns home after a long trip, she hears some commotion in the sitting room, and she draws her weapon.

To her pleasant surprise, it’s not an international assassin but her buxom girlfriend, Zara. Zara’s been missing Lara and her huge dick, and she wants to show her just how much…

Forged’ homage to everyone’s favorite tomb raider does not disappoint in this 53 image set! The artist trades their usual light and bright style for noir tones and deep shadows, doing justice to the pairing of dark haired characters. The facial expressions in this one are quite excellent, making it easy to believe that Zara really has been wanting to gobble down her girlfriend for the longest time. Zara also ends up getting shot…but not with a gun ;).

It doesn’t look like Forged3DX is going to let the embers cool any time soon, so be sure to check back often for more anvil hardened sets!


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