If there’s something Fab3DX knows how to deliver, is hot situations and conversations between stunningly sexy women, the intensity escalating at the perfect pace, until the reader gets its steamy, exciting reward! Today we’d like to spotlight one of their most famous characters, the playful and naughty Nikki, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to have some fun with herself or some friends! 

Trust us, once you get to know Nikki, you will come back once and again to find out her latest, most fun lewd adventures!

Alone With Nikki in her Bedroom

In the very close, very intimate image set Nikki’s Bedtime Stream, Fab3DX invites us to a ver exclusive night stream Nikki has improvised. She has some nice black lingerie she wants you to see her in! After that nice piece of imagery, she will strip down nice and slow, and then, once the mood is in its right spot, she’ll have fun with a series of sex toys that will parade one after the other down the space between her legs! Come and join this special time with her!

Bimbo in Latex

Now, all that masturbation is fun and all, but what happens when Nikki wants to take things a step further? She’s been daydreaming about going full submissive, and now her fantasies will finally come true! Enter her well-endowed futa friend Leonie, who just so happens to own a latex suit and a ball gag that are the perfect size for Nikki!

What ensues is a thrilling scene oozing with sexual tension from the start, where Leonie takes her time to tease and have fun with an increasingly aroused Nikki. Our girl will have to prove she can be the best bimbo and please her mistress in every way she demands if she wants to be rewarded with the ultimate pleasure!


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