Some say there’s nothing better than a cool Sci-Fi setting where busty aliens of super-human beauty play with themselves with extraterrestrial toys. Others would rather descend to a fantasy dungeon, where scantily clad sorceresses fuck a variety of hellspawns in search for greater power- and pleasure! Wel, here at NextGenPorn we say, why not both?

Let RedRobot’s girls with their table-slamming tits take you for a ride to the imaginary world of your choice, where you can watch them get naughty and find stimulation beyond this Earth!

Galactic Pinup? Yes, please!

Don’t you love it when your favourite character in an ensemble porn comic gets her own solo spinoff? Well, then you’re in for a treat! In the photo series Omega One on One, the most popular girl from RedRobot’s “Private Dancer” returns for more! She starts out by striking a few breathtaking poses, showing us her uber generous tits and pillowy ass, but that’s not enough for her…

…and that’s when she eyes one of her favourite toys, a robotic tentacle dildo! And yes, you’ve watched enough porn to know where this is going!

A Deal With The Devils’ Dick

When witches get power-hungry, there is nothing they won’t do to best each other. One of the most renowned witches in the land is Hallow, a stunning ebony beauty who strides confidently in the world of magic! When she finds out that she’s fallen short of goblin semen for her spellcraft, she doesn’t think twice before harvesting her fill in the latest instalment of Tales of Hallow: Goblin Layer!

But she shouldn’t get too confident! There is a challenger in the shadows, trying to seize an even bigger power from a forbidden source! The blonde sorceress Celeste, a hottie on a mission, decides to call upon the forces of Hell for aid in defeating the witch. A towering futa succubus answers her call, and Celeste will assert her dominance with the power between her legs! The succubus laughs it off at first, but wait, is it possible that this sorceress can take her textured, glowy hellcock and even make the whore from below her bitch? Find out in Hellwhore, an erotic comic by RedRobot!


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