Is it ever really too cold for bikinis? Okay, yes, in the real world, probably, but not in the glorious, digital realm of 3DX! We’ve got two awesome new sets from Taziota, purveyor of thick, model perfect chicks, and as far as they’re concerned, girls can wear almost nothing (or actually nothing) all year round! 

Double Booked

Even outrageously hot women need vacations from time to time, but Lacey and Soo Yun have a little, er…big problem. It seems the upscale vacation house they booked has accidentally been booked by two studs, Armondo and Taylor. Stupid booking software! Both pairs of friends have been looking forward to this vacation for a long time, but who gets to stay? I’m sure they’ll be able to work something out…

Get hyped for Taziota’s 8th official release! Straight porn at its absolute finest, Taziota’s girls are as thick and sensual as their dudes are jacked and hung. Not only is this set no exception, but the heat is turned up more than ever before with jaw dropping POV shots, cheek stuffing blowjobs, and of course, deep, delicious, double penetration!

97 HQ images and 3 behind the scenes bonus renders gives these overly busty vaca girls plenty of time to get pounded in every hole. It’s almost a good thing that the booking software fucked up their reservations, afterall, Lacey and Soo Yun just love themselves some creamy, fresh cum-cocktails while on vacation!

Summer Fun Bundle

Taziota’s gal’s love to be the center of attention! Take a picture and pin em’ up on your wall, or better yet, watch them get pinned by some rock hard cocks! Either way, you can’t go wrong with this spicy bundle that includes over 100 images spanning 5 mini sets!

Whether they’re posing against million dollar sports cars, cruising in the private yacht or getting a little R&R after a rousing workout, these busty beauties are always down to get down.

Don’t be fooled by the term ‘mini set’ the only thing small here is the bikinis, and even those don’t stick around for long. Taziota serves up a buffet of pussy pounding orgies, lesbian action and of course, big, juicy facials! Who needs to worry about being cold when you’ve got this much raw heat sitting around?